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Solvency Information Service - SIS 

Check your partners before they become your debtors!

business information research and financial information service - economic facts, credit reports and research

If your mail returns from the post-office, to contact the debtor by fax and e-mail is not possible any more…??

  • What do you know about your business partners?
  • Your customer did not react any more?
  • Are they still solvent or already registered as debtors?

We investigate business information about your debtors, business partners and future business relationships.

In debt collection and court proceedings (litigation) in Germany it is always important to have information on the economic and financial situation of the debtor (individual or company), e.g. through business credit reports, checking the creditworthiness of the company, credit check, credit score reports etc. - we research, compile information and then assess it for you!

We call it debt governance.

We offer business information, credit reports and our experience before you invest money in insolvent debtor companies. 

You too can benefit from our access to many databases and our research on the internet and social media.

You will find a table with our offers below. Part of the following information refers only to Germans and German companies registered in Germany. However, we also offer credit reports and information from companies all over Europe.

The check of active business of the debtor (e.g. phone calls etc.) is free of charge.

We work with the leading European credit reference agencies, credit rating companies in particular creditsafe, Creditreform, SCHUFA and Dun & Bradstedt, to name but a few.

Send us an e-mail with the data mentioned below, we will respond immediately: e-mail

We offer to check 1 company or individual for free if you send us all contact details (full name, legal form, postal address, phone, fax, email, website, name of the CEO etc.) and a short description of the case. 
For each further inquiry, we charge 60,00 EUR.

Information about your debtor: strongly recommended!

In 2023, we have restructured and adjusted our tariffs for obtaining business information:

Here you find our actual offer for business research and conditions follow>>

Not only in case of court proceedings in Germany but also in entering into a business relationship, it will be important to have information about the business and financial situation of the debtor (company). You can find a table with our offers below. All following information are related only to Germans and German companies, registered in Germany.

For a better assessment of risks in the recovery of the claim and especially in the court proceedings, we strongly recommend obtaining information about the debtor's side.
What is the financial and economic situation of the debtor's side? Can the claim be paid and covered?
Appropriate information would provide you with the most realistic assessment possible of the chances of collection.

In any case, we recommend steps 1. and 2., as a total price: 60 EUR
The check of active business of the debtor (f.i. phone calls, fax), etc. is free of charge

1. check for debtor entries: Statement of assets: 30,00 EUR
check of the court's register of debtors
Is the debtor (individual, sole trader) registered as a debtor in the debtors' register at court and therefore still solvent?
Or has the managing director of the GmbH/AG/UG already made a statement of assets for the company?

2. check for ongoing insolvency proceedings: 30,00 EUR

3. check of the postal address and residents' registration office: 40,00 EUR
Is the postal address correct so that service can be effected by the court in dunning and legal proceedings? check if service of (court) documents is possible

4. excerpt of the commercial register: 40,00 EUR
What are the real legal binding data of the company, who is the CEO registered?

5. research Social Media, Internet: 40,00 EUR
peculiarities in the Internet and Social Networks

6. address tracing on site: 150,00 EUR

7. employer inquiry Germany: 60,00 EUR

8. credit report, business information individual: 60,00 EUR

9. credit report, business information companies: 120,00 EUR

10. credit report, business information companies abroad: 140,00 EUR

offer: all relevant information you need: 150 EUR, to your or our choice (what we consider necessary)

Payment can be made quickly via PayPal: or quick bank transfer, and you will receive an invoice immediately.

We will gladly inform you about further offers!

We also offer other packages for checking and monitoring your business partners:

We are happy to provide further information!

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