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What do I have to do if I want you to collect our debt?

Please send us the invoices via email or upload.
We will contact you immediately. 

If possible no zip-, msg, eml- or rar-files, not more than 3 MB per mail or by fax and inform us if you not receive a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours.

Our new email communication starting 2024:

  • without expensive letter post or complex portal solutions - email as it is
  • Adaptive encryption, maximum security without additional effort
  • DSGVO and professional law compliant
  • Proof of delivery for every email - just like a registered letter.

Contact - postal address

Cologne Kranhaus South
Im Zollhafen 24
50678 Köln

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We are online during regular office hours, but you can also send a message.
Please note that we cannot solve legal problems in chat.

We send you a link for a video call or conference, which you can use on all devices such as PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android cell phone etc. No complicated installation is necessary.

Cologne Office
+49 221 16 844 589 Tel
+49 221 16 844 619 Fax (no fax anymore, only after inquiry)

London Office
+44 203 3184513 Tel
+44 203 3184574 Fax
Skype: debtcollection

Our email contact:

+49172-9147464  (only SMS and answering machine) 

WhatsApp Business (Chat): Kanzlei Feinen

Please contact: Mr. Michael Feinen, Senior Lawyer, Head of Debt Collection Department, International Affairs, Specialist in Commercial Law

Michael Feinen Specialist in debt collection and commercial Law

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What we do not handle:

We are not active in cases of criminal complaints and prosecution, criminal law, social law, tenancy law, administrative law, capital investment law, insurance law, family law and inheritance law. We are not private detectives and do not investigate on site.

Please send us a brief message stating what the matter is. We will help you further.

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