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legal fees and costs in German court proceedings - litigation in general - Use our fee calculator to get an impression of possible costs and fees. 

We offer services in international debt collection, litigations in commercial law, contract law and insolvency law.  Our out of court service is on basis of no cure, no pay basis.

But we would like to inform as well about costs and fees if court proceedings and litigations become necessary.

Here you can calculate the costs for a lawsuit!

Our fee-calculator for an overview of costs for lawsuit.

Fee calculator for our fees in court proceedings and litigation in Germany based on the statutory fee schedule for courts and lawyers from 2023.

Please note that these are the minimum fees for regular court proceedings, but they regularly cover the entire court proceedings. In individual cases, small fees and expenses for travel costs, translation costs, expert fees and other expenses may be added.

Our new fee-calculator works up to an amount in dispute/claim of 500.000,00 EUR and will be extended continously!
Our  fees for a 1st instance lawsuit in Germany are calculated. These are regularly our minimum fees in full court proceedings.
In particular, in the case of previous out-of-court activity, a business fee may be charged, which will be partially offset against the legal fees in the case of subsequent legal action.

The same applies if legal dunning proceedings are preceded by an objection, in which case the costs are higher.
The litigation risk - worst case - is  the "Prozessrisiko" in the event that you lose the lawsuit, the fees of an opposing lawyer are added here, which you also have to bear in this case.
Court fees are included! see Gerichtskosten.

Overwrite the amount in the field of "Streitwert" with the amount of your claim and click "Berechnen".
The "Gesamtsumme" is the total. The litigation risk is "Prozessrisiko".
Please note that we regularly have to add a further fee of 100 EUR up to an open claim of 5,000 EUR.
The use is without any guarantee! It is no offer and not binding in any way. We will communicate the exact fees for your individual case on your request.

Fee-Calculator court proceedings, 1. Instance in Germany (no guarantee)
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